February 4, 2010 – IS Outdoors Radio

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February 4th those two trigger happy politicos, Brock ‘n Don join XM SatelliteRadio Network, channel 171 “Open Road Show” with Dave Nemo to talk about handgun hunting and their next trip to the voting booth. It will likely be a real hoot.

At 10:00 AM ET, Thursday February 4th IS Outdoors hosts Don Kirk & Brock Ray team up for two hours worldwide broadcasting on the Voice American Network. Yes, it is truly a feast for the ears.

Hosts: Brock Ray and Don Kirk

Guests: Jim Knapp, Kevin Przybyl, Jedediah Forest, Greg Lawson

Jim Knapp of Outdoor Predator Products discusses his company's developement of unique sunglasses called the ii-KAM XTREME 3.0. This lightweight eyewear has an advanced mobile video recorder that creates clear video and great digital audio.

For more information visit www.PredatorOutdoorProducts.com

Kevin Przybyl, a bass guide, talks about Florida late winter bass fishing. This young man was born in raised in Buffalo, NY. His bass fishing skills are even more impressive insofar he was diagnosed at birth with deadly Cystic Fibrosi.

For more information visit www.OrlandoTrophyBass.com

Jedediah Forest of Pole Mountain Outdoors, talks about western hunting and his product line. At Pole Mountain Outdoors, they hunt, they see problems and they develop equipment to solve those problem.

For more information visit www.PoleMountainOutdoors.com

Greg Lawson of the United Sportsmans Alliance, talks about the most current assaults on hunting by the anti’s. Lawson’s group monitors the moves and schemes of groups like PETA which are determined to end sport hunting in this country.

For more information visit www.USSportsmen.org


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