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Brock Ray and Don Kirk

Brock RayBrock Ray, a native of Oxford, Alabama, is a big game hunting aficionado and, a whitetail hunting expert. Brock Ray has always been a grandiose dreamer. The difference between Brock and most other dreamers is he acts to makes his dreams reality, a true man of ingenuity. How else can one make an excuse for having the outdoors as an office?

While Brock is the engine of the EMGruppe where he is President, Brock is no desk fixture. At age 28, Brock decided to couple his knowledge of mundane business with his true love, the outdoors. Since, he formed Thicket Publishing, which he commanded from his basement. Brock worked his way up in the business world producing five (5) magazines devoted to hunting. His enterprising ventures then led him into Radio and TV.

Brocks business enabled him to become a hunting aficionado and, most importantly, a whitetail connoisseur hunting big game worldwide. But that was not enough.

Brock RayBrock sold his publishing company, TP Productions, and presently holds an all encompassing outdoor marketing and production firm, The EMGruppe. Now, almost ten years out of the basement and after having had his own TV shows on Fox Sports Network, WGN, SportSouth, and The Outdoor Channel, Brock is reuniting with outdoor partners Dennis Moot, Chris Tyler, and Don Kirk with newcomers Aaron Fultz and Jonathan Megal, to produce an all encompassing outdoors show, with the experience and texture that only this combination can bring. So, if not behind the desk or with his family, you will find Brock Ray somewhere in the wild outdoors, fueling another dream or perhaps making another dream come true. But then of course you may catch him on cable or satellite TV.

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