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1. Two hats signed by the Duck Dynasty
Crew to two home school students
2. Two cups signed by Duck Dynasty’s
Uncle Si Robertson to two home school
3. Phil Robertson’s Happy, Happy, Happy
Wildlife Scavenger Hunt -500 participants
1. Unified (Inland & Coastal) Fishing &
Hunting License
2. Parker Youth Bow
3. Ben Pearson Youth Bow4. Remington
Shotgun: J.A. Moore, Kinston, NC
5. Three 3-Year Subscriptions to Wildlife in
Becoming An Outdoor Woman
Seminars-60 participants
1. Model 783 Remington Rifle .30-06
2. NCWildlife Resources Commission’s
Becoming An Outdoor Woman
Diva Outfitters Gift Certificates: $250, $150
and $100
Wildlife Careers Day—
The Other Event at the
2014 Dixie Deer Classic
Wildlife Youth Day has changed over
the years from an event held at the NC
State Fairground’s Kerr Scott Building on
days preceding the Dixie Deer Classic
to an event held within the Fairgrounds
Exposition Center and Jim Graham
Buildings of the Dixie Deer Classic
concurrent with the show.
Along with the popular youth-focused
wildlife scavenger hunt, bb-gun turkey
shoot, turkey call making, outdoor lore
seminars, and face painting opportunities
at the Dixie Deer Classic, the 2014 Wildlife
Youth Day included another special
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