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program. This one was aimed at high
school students. Wildlife Careers Day
included two sessions with 10 instructors
discussing how to prepare for careers in
the outdoors.
This meant additional work onWednesday
and Thursday as well as an early arrival for
some NCWildlife Resources Commission
folks as well as some Wake County Wildlife
Club Volunteers. But, the results were well
worth the efforts.
Each of us remembers the efforts of
guidance counselors and academic
advisors as we made our way through
high school and perhaps onto community
college or undergraduate and maybe
graduate school and then the “real”world.
Wildlife Careers Day was designed to
complement the efforts of private and
public school educators. On 2-28-2014,
high school students and teachers from
7 public and 20 home schools in 8 NC
counties arrived on time and ready to
10 experts provided an overview and
firsthand knowledge regarding career
paths and the importance of education
in getting to where the experts are today.
Professionals from fisheries and wildlife
biology, forestry, communications, land
acquisition and management, veterinary
medicine, conservation education,
hunting heritage, enforcement, and
outdoor television opened the eyes and
ears of 300 attentive students and their
AWake County Wildlife Club/Dixie Deer
Classic volunteer spoke to the group
explaining that within the Dixie Deer
Classic there were experts in other related
fields. Volunteers from the Wake County
Wildlife Club then escorted the students
to the Dixie Deer Classic. Many students
were surprised when they received a
courtesy conservation/education ticket to
the show. And, 4 students were especially
happy, happy, happy, as their names were
drawn for ice tea cups, hats, and other
items autographed by the Duck Dynasty
Plans are already underway for Wildlife
Youth Day events at the 2015 Dixie Deer
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