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Few fish found in lakes have more pro-
nounced season behavior than does
the striped bass. Where these saltwa-
ter transplants have been established
in freshwater reservoirs, anglers who
follow these fish know their season
movements and feeding patterns just
the same as a watchmaker knows the
guts of a pocket watch. This month
early spring spawning has concluded.
Stripers which sought reaches of riv-
ers upstream from lakes are now back
in lakes where they are hungrier than
at any time of the year.
The striped bass’ return to lakes coin-
cides with the spawn of gizzard and
threadfin shad as well as other open
water dwelling baitfish. These algae/
zooplankton eating forage fish spawn
along the shallow shoreline where
they race in great schools along shal-
low reaches randomly scattering their
Shad are a year round staple for the
stripers which must now locate closer
to the shallow shoreline where their
favorite meals are most available. De-
pending on the lake and location, this
window of opportunity for anglers
typically lasts most of this month.
Striper Bonanza
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