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gling its way back during the retrieve.
In lieu of the larger bait casting rods and
reels and heavy, 14 to 20 pound mono-
filament line preferred by many striper
fishermen who troll or fish live bait most
of the time, lighter tackle setups are
recommended during the Redfin Season.
Medium action spinning, bait casting,
spin casting rods and reels spooled with
10 to 12 pound line are the best choice.
The same tackle set up for casting spin-
ner baits or jigs for black bass is perfectly
suited. When topwater striper fishing lots
of casting often is require to get strikes.
The lighter rods and reels are less phys-
ically taxing for casting the larger 6 to 7
long topwater lures than is heavy action
Which time of day is the best fishing is
a matter of heated debate. As a gener-
al rule when using artificial lures, most
stripers are caught during periods of
lower light such as nighttime early morn-
ing, late evening and over overcast days.
This is because striped bass have large
eyes that cause them to avoid strong
sunlight. The theory is that lower inten-
sity of light beacons these predators into
the shallows lairs where they are most
easily caught. While in shallow water,
however, they tend to be very spooky.
Too much noise will make them vacate
an area in a hurry.
Those very likely are the optimal times
for catching stripers on the surface. How-
ever, it has been my experience on many
occasions to experience great top side
striped bass action at midday when the
overhead sun burns in a cloudless sky.
My personal theory is that post-spawn
stripers are exceedingly hungry, almost
to the point of wreck less abandonment.
The easiest meals are shallow water
spawning shad. While stripers might oth-
erwise shun well-lighted shallows, they
must go there to eat. Of course you have
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