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Why Crankbaits?
by Johnnie Crain
At nearly every seminar I perform people
ask me how I got the nickname-”Crankin’
Crain”. Fellow writer, Dan Galusha, stuck
me this moniker, but the answer is sim-
ple and complicated at the same time. I
love fishin’ crankbaits! I more or less grew
up in the Ozarks and was taught to fish
by my Grandpa who used old wooden
crankbaits and since I mainly fished out of
his “box”well, I learned to fish crankbaits.
We always caught fish whether from the
massiveWhite river lakes, Bull Shoals, Ta-
ble Rock and Taneycomo or from streams
I could jump across. Naturally I grew to
love crankin’ as it is now called.
There’s been a lot of positive changes
in tackle and lures over the years but I
still ALWAYS start my fishing day with a
crankbait. To me, there is no better tool
to find out what the bottom is made of,
how active and deep the fish are. I most
likely have more crankbaits than most
anglers. I am a lure field tester for several
companies so I have the opportunity to
try many different types, styles and col-
ors of crankbaits.
Crankbait Revelations
As I said before, a crankbait is a great tool
for determining the bottommakeup of a
lake or river. I start casting a deep diver, usu-
ally a B&D Custom Lure’s Dredge’R. These
baits really seek the bottom and dig into it. I
can find out if the bottom is mud, gravel silt,
rock or weedy. On my first cast I’ll really dig
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