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w h a t
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B FISH N Tackle’s Moxi brings the slow
and low back to life
What a drag... But not because the
bite is off. Actually, it’s the contrary. The
catching’s outstanding because you’re
fishing at a snail’s pace, dredging the
bottom with soft plastics. It’s a great
technique for catching fish when spring
has yet to warm the water.
Goldcracker/Chart Tail Moxi shown
But after casting and then doing
basically nothing else while the boat drifts
is oftentimes the best method, it’s difficult
to find a bait that still looks alive while not
retrieved. It’s a quandary anglers fishing
cold-water bass, walleyes and sauger with
this “do-nothing” technique are often
faced with.
But then along came B Fish N Tackle’s
Moxi. Nothing gaudy, but a soft plastic
with a shape all its own that can be
worked as slow and low as possible, yet
still yields plenty of tantalizing action.
Sporting a wider profile than most
ring worm-style soft plastics, the Moxi’s
bulbous belly presents a wider profile,
emulating bigger-bodied batfish. The
Moxi also sports a thin, longer-than-
normal curly tail with a flange that flares
at its tip to produce a slithering action
with added “thump.” Just letting the Moxi
sit motionless with current pouring over it
produces life.
“By far, the Moxi is my favorite soft
plastic,” professes Wisconsin fishing guide
Joel “Boog” Ballweg. “It’s superior in cold
water, dirty or clear. It’s the first bait I tie
on, and I have my clients use it more than
any other.
“The profile and action are what set
it apart. And the color combinations are
spectacular. Some baits look appealing to
us, but not to the fish; but I’m here to tell
you that fish love the Moxi.”
The Moxi comes in two sizes, 3- and
4-inches, and in 18 proven colors to meet
any fickle fish’s desire. Both sizes are
offered in 8-, 16-, 64- and 96-counts. To
that, the Moxi is also the perfect match for
B FISH N’s H20 Precision Jigs. Just slide the
Moxi on and cast.
If you’re looking to land more fish of
just about any species (bass, crappies,
pike and even colossal trout) when slow
and low is the way to go, tie on a Moxi and
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