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experience extreme growing pains as
they mature. It’s often the twinges from a
sudden high demand for their goods that
sometimes spawns poor management
decisions, which eventually creates a loss
in sight of their original goal – building
the perfect product for their customers.
But then there are those
manufacturers who have proven
themselves over the decades by making
quality, calculated calls from the get go,
expanding at just the right speed so as to
not feel the pain or deliver agony. And the
makers of “The Best Rods on Earth” (aka:
St. Croix) are proof.
Within the past couple years alone, St.
Croix’s technological breakthroughs in
blank building and quality craftsmanship
have created the need for new high-tech
machinery, an addition to their Park Falls,
Wisconsin, headquarters, as well as several
fresh hires of only the most dedicated
Introducing Randy Hamilton, newly
acquisitioned as Regional Account
Manager for St. Croix’s southeast territory
as of March 1, 2014. The Charleston, South
Carolina resident brings with him 15 years
of fishing-industry experience working
the region, which covers as far north as
Kentucky, down into the southernmost
tips of Alabama and Mississippi.
“Being able to promote one single
company is a huge move for me,” says
Hamilton. “The most important thing is it
allows me a singular focus on St. Croix —
a company that I have had nothing but
highest regards for since I got into the
“This will permit me to educate the
dealer, thus the consumer, firsthand on
the history and high technology level
St. Croix offers anglers. They are known
as phenomenal fishing rods in both the
fresh- and saltwater markets here, but
there’s so much more... They have a long
legacy everyone should get acquainted
Jeff Crockett, Director of Sales for St.
Croix, adds to Hamilton’s hire, “We have
experienced exceptional growth in the
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