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Southeast market over the past few
years. Nothing comes easy and we have
worked very hard to attain these results.
We have strong, dedicated retail partners
as well as enthusiastic consumers who
have made this a reality for the St Croix
brand. Plain and simple, the dealers there
deserve our very best; most specifically
our dedicated attention to their needs.
“Randy is the perfect guy for the job
as he knows our products intimately.
He knows the competition, understands
the market needs and is passionate
about the fisheries in that region. Take
all those strengths, provide the best
product available in the industry, give the
customer 100% of your focus of attention
and the sky is the limit. Randy is just the
person to take St. Croix to the next level in
the Southeast.”
No pain, no gain? Forget it. The no-
sting expansion of St. Croix rods into the
21st Century is proof getting bigger can
be better.
While STORMR products have been
available from the start in a range
of fashionable and functional color
combinations, hunters around the country
grew jealous of their angling friends and
demanded a product that would fit their
specific needs. You asked and we answered!
Whether you’re getting pelted by wintry
sleet, sitting still in a freezing cold blind, or
popping up to make a difficult shot, you’ll
be warm and able to move fluidly when
the occasion arises, all while sheathed in
Realtree™ Max-4 camouflage.
STORMR products use Neoprene
Core Technology™ to adapt the benefits
generations of divers have used to
fight the elements to land-based and
amphibious activities. STORMR is owned
by Henderson Sport Group, which has
manufactured neoprene for half a century
and understands the material’s unique
abilities. The resulting gear provides
maximum comfort and maneuverability,
along with superior thermal benefits,
in a thin, soft, flexible, windproof and
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