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waterproof shell which also provides
positive buoyancy. There’s nothing like
them on the market today.
If you have no choice but to be
outside in inclement weather, you need
to investigate the benefits provided by
STORMR’s ability to defy the elements. In
a sea of copycats, STORMR stands out as
the first and only company to combine
high-end neoprene with high-end technical
fabrics specifically for the hunting market.
Critical touches like magnetic pocket
closures and internal neoprene cuffs
ensure body comfort, while strategically-
placed gear pockets, shell pockets and call
holders demonstrate that hunters’ specific
needs have been addressed to maximize
In addition to introducing a line
specifically targeted at hunters, in recent
months STORMR has brought to market
a new surf top, a neoprene hoodie, and
Kevlar-tipped gloves. Each of these
products, like those before them, is aimed
at a particular activity or need, yet all of
them will serve double- or triple-duty in
the field, on the beach, atop the ice, or
afloat. The possibilities are limitless.
For more information about STORMR,
please visit the official website at www.
Weaver Optics
Weaver® Optics announces that
two of its tactical scopes have received
the prestigious “Member Tested and
Recommended” seal of approval from
the National Tactical Officers Association
(NTOA). After extensive testing by law
enforcement officials, the Weaver 1-5x24
Illuminated Close-Intermediate Range
Scope andWeaver 2-10x36 1/10 Mil
Tactical Scope received a score of 4.32 and
4.27 out of a possible 5, respectively. The
two NTOA approved scopes are a part of
the Weaver Super Slam™ series of tactical
Rigorously tested in the field by law
enforcement professionals, products that
earn the NTOA’s seal of approval are listed
on the association’s comprehensive online
database and will be included in the
quarterly journal, The Tactical Edge.
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