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YETI Cooler
My overall impression of the YETI
cooler line: “If you have never owned a
YETI cooler, then you should!”.
These are built to last. We tested both
the YR20 and the YT110. The first thing
you notice when taking them out of
the box is the weight, they are heavy by
cooler standards. The second thing is the
interior space is not what you are used
to seeing inside a cooler with the same
outside dimensions. Both of these things
are what makes them perform so well.
YETI uses a process called roto-molding
along with PermaFrost pressure-injected
insulation. This produces a one-piece
nearly indestructible unit that has no
seams to break, tear or otherwise blow
out. They function perfectly as a cooler,
keeping ice for days and keeping cool
for days after the ice is gone. They also
double as a bench seat/workbench out
in the field. I prefer the rope handles on
the tundra over the metal handles on the
roadie, but both are stout and give plenty
to hold onto while moving these solid
coolers around. The tie down options are
very well thought out also. You can strap
them down securely and still open the
lid, a big bonus when you have lashed
everything down and then decide you
need a beverage to celebrate! Molded
holes in the corners make bear-proofing
easy with a couple of padlocks. The
BearFoot non-slip feet keep the cooler in
place. They work so well that you have to
pick up the coolers to move them, you
can’t slide them out of the truck. If you
need to be able to slide them around YETI
does sell replacement feet that will allow
you to do so. The BearFoot also keeps
the coolers up off of hot boat decks and
truck beds. The YETI is compatible with
dry ice, it will not freeze and crack it when
it comes in contact with the cooler. T-Rex
rubber lid latches remind me of the tight
hold the ones on the hood of the old cj
hunting jeep had. If you dump this cooler
out of a raft or canoe just grab ahold and
ride it out, your stuff will still be inside!
This is a lifetime cooler. You could
easily pay for one with what you spend on
cheap coolers over the years. If you want
the best, it is worth the cost.
Roadie YR20
• Length: 20”Width: 13 3/8” Height: 14
3/8” - 16 pounds
• Capacity = 5.2 Gallons (20.8 quarts)
Tundra 110
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