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| April 4, 2009

While game fish probably rarely see a real worm, much less a night crawler, it is the exceptional fish that will turn its nose up at an opportunity to eat a lively, juicy worm. The secret to consistent, successful catches with live worms is having a lively bait. During the heat of summer, that often does not work out well for many anglers…

Smallies In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

| February 12, 2009

The existence of smallmouth bass in these streams comes as a shock to many, including a few lifelong trouters in the region. However, these marvelous gamefish, as well as rock bass and even a few largemouth bass, are found in these streams…

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| October 27, 2008

I like to think the big fish just sit around all day and take bets on which little fish is going to get caught by a fisherman. Ok, maybe that is a little far fetched, but it’s fun to imagine. Bigger fish also seem to feed on baitfish in more shallow water than during the day.

Early-Season Small Trout Stream Fly Fishing

| March 6, 2008

Die-hard stream trout fly fishermen have it tough during the winter, when their favorite streams ice over or are too high to afford decent fishing. Warm weather rarely arrives before the faithful are out sloshing around in trout streams. Crazy as it may sound, in many instances early-season trout fly fishing is not crazy! In fact, some of the year’s best fishing can occur…